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Knitting kits

 Knitty Critter Collection

This collection of knitting kits started life when a I was asked  “ Can you make teddy bears?”

 I immediately thought of the new technique I had just developed to make Christmas baubles  and I  reasoned  “If I can make a cuddly felt bauble, the why not a cuddly bear?”

 The jointed design came easily to me, the first teddy I drew in my sketch book was based on my Mums  faithful “Old Bear” and from there the pattern grew, to be swiftly followed by a cat, and a rabbit.

 The Frog and  and Mini Monsters joined the collection later so that a child safe option which could be  made without buttons

 Knitting Craft Kit

I was Delighted When House of Crafts Ltd asked me to create a knitting kit for them, because I have enjoyed making craft items from their kits since I was a child.

We quickly agreed that a felted bag would make an interesing knitting kit. The bag we choose is a simple knit which a beginner knitter could easily make. It’s a variation of the  bags in my first felted bags pattern collection.

The joy of Felt is that it hides any little mistakes or “wibbly” bits , so even a new knitter will be able to make a bag they can be proud of!

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  Patterns for all the

 Knitty Critters  

And my original felt bags  are available. online.

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