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Simple Felt Hat  

Small size

Starting with a p row

stst 20rows

cast off loosely

weave in ends.

Medium size

p1 row

k 1row


k9 inc* rpt x7 to end of row (=77sts)

stst 22rows

cast off loosely

weave in ends.

Large size




k9 inc* rpt x7 to end of row (=77sts)

p1 row

k10 inc* rpt x7 to end of row (=84sts)

stst 24rows

cast off loosely

weave in ends.


With wrong sides together (bumpy side) ladder stitch neatly from the edge (cast off stitches) to the crown. Place a few running stitches along the cast on stitches and pull tightly to draw closed the top of the beanie hat.


Place your finished hat in your washing machine. An ordinary front loading machine will be fine.

You may add 2 or 3 tennis balls to increase the felting action.

Wash once using a 40°C cotton wash cycle, use

¼ your normal amount of laundry detergent and a full spin cycle.

Do not use fabric conditioner!

After machine washing the hat whilst it is still damp, you can try it on for size!

Adjust the fold over brim to suit yourself.

If your hat is a little too big-

The hat can be shrunk a little more by hand felting it.

 • Place the hat in a bowl of hand hot water and add approx 1tsp of laundry detergent.

• Squeeze and rub the hat so the fibres will continue to matt together and shrink a little further.

• Rinse the hat with cold water to tighten the fibres. Then squeeze it gently in a dry towel, or put it in the washing machine for a short spin cycle.

If the hat is a little tight -

You can relax the felt and stretch the hat to fit.

While the hat is still damp put it into a microwave oven for 20 seconds. This will warm the felt and make it very easy to shape.


WARNING Heating for more than 20 seconds will create steam in the felt which can burn your hands or feet and may damage the wool.

If the hat becomes cold before you have finished shaping it you can reheat it by putting it back into the microwave oven for another 20 seconds.

If no micro wave oven is available you can soak the hat in hand hot water (40°C) then squeeze it gently in a dry towel.

Once warm you can stretch the felt by laying the hat flat and pulling it into shape. Then you can try it on again.

Everyone knits a little differently and every washing machine felts a little differently- your hat will be unique and individual – Just like you!!!

 C 2013 Claire Fairall